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How to Have Power and Influence

May 22, 2014

Who doesn’t want to have power and influence?  That’s why people rise through the ranks, store up wealth, connect with the right people, and change things around them.  It’s a … Read more How to Have Power and Influence

Marriage Grammar – Verbs

May 20, 2014

Verbs are action words that gives life to a sentence.  Think of the sentence, “Dick and Jane played.”  If you take away the verb, all you have is “Dick and Jane.” … Read more Marriage Grammar – Verbs

Why Did This Have To Happen?

May 16, 2014

How can someone be here one minute and gone the next?  How can life be going so well and then come undone?  How can I feel fine one day and get this … Read more Why Did This Have To Happen?

Why Can’t I Get What I Want?

May 13, 2014

Why can’t I get what I want?  Maybe you’ve asked that question in marriage.  Maybe it was when your spouse was not helping around the house.  Maybe it was when … Read more Why Can’t I Get What I Want?


May 8, 2014

Wisdom.  Who doesn’t want to be wise?  Everyone wants wisdom, especially when there’s an important decision to be made. So why is it wisdom sometimes eludes us?  We can all look … Read more Wisdom

Good Funeral Stories

May 6, 2014

Next time you attend a funeral, listen to the conversations about the deceased.  I’m not talking about the carefully crafted, flowery words of the eulogy.  I’m talking about the side … Read more Good Funeral Stories

Life at Full Throttle

May 1, 2014

When you hear the phrase “life at full throttle,” what comes to mind?  Extreme sports? Risky investments? Exotic travel?  Extreme career changes? Life at full throttle doesn’t have to be … Read more Life at Full Throttle

Little Things Mean A Lot – Sit Together

April 29, 2014

Do you and your spouse sit together?  I’m talking about sitting close together.  Do you sit together on the sofa?  Do you sit together when you’re out to eat?  Do … Read more Little Things Mean A Lot – Sit Together

Forgiveness or Justice ?

April 25, 2014

Which is more important, forgiveness or justice?  It depends on who you are.  If you’re the offended, justice is more important.  If you’re the offender, forgiveness is more important.   … Read more Forgiveness or Justice ?

Marriage Grammer – Possessive Pronouns

April 22, 2014

Possessive pronouns are general words that replace nouns and denote ownership.  (Feel like you’re back in school?)  They are words like: yours, mine ours, etc.  These words are very important … Read more Marriage Grammer – Possessive Pronouns

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