If You Want A Fairytale Marriage…

I raised two daughters, and I have four grandchildren. So I’ve read my fair share of fairytales.

You would think that people would eventually outgrow fairytales, but there’s one fairytale no one seems to outgrow.

Perhaps it’s our early diet of princess and shining knight stories (thank you Disney,) but we still tend to believe that marriage should be like a fairytale.

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Is A Normal Marriage Good Enough?

The word “normal” can go either way.  If you’re talking about blood pressure, eye sight, or the size of your newborn’s head, “normal” is a good thing.  If you’re talking about academics, talent, or marriage, “normal” seems less than desirable.

Many couples beat themselves up and stress themselves out trying to keep their marriage from slipping into “normal.” (See the movie, “This is 40.”)

What is it that causes us to think “normal” is not good enough when it comes to marriage?

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I Slipped in the Shower and Fell Into a Good Marriage

Peaking out from shower curtainIt was one of those evening when I was in a lousy mood.  After watching two episodes of “House” (episodes that seemed to flaunt a lack of commitment in marriage by the way), I got up to take a shower and go to bed.

I was finishing my shower and getting ready to turn off the water when it happened.  I slipped, spun around, and went down like Shamoo at Sea World.

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