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Bret Legg and his family

I’m a teaching and counseling pastor with a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling, over 30 years of pastoral counseling experience, more than 40 years of experience being a husband to my wife Libby. And I’m still learning.

I met Libby in high school, but it took me four years to finally convince her to go out with me. After a three year long distance relationship, she finally agreed to marry me in 1980. I either won her over or wore her down, but either way...I won.

We’ve moved from Illinois, to Oklahoma, to Texas, to Georgia. We’ve raised two daughter who now have families of their own. We’ve been madly in love, and some times just mad. There have been times when we couldn’t bear to be apart and other times when we probably weren’t too sure about being together. But God knew what He was doing when He put us together, (even though we were pretty clueless), and we’ve been learning and growing since then.

What You’ll Find Here...

Marriage and Family - Here, you’ll find a tab marked “Normal Marriage.” Why Normal Marriage? Because that’s what most of us have. We don’t have textbook perfect marriages, and we don’t have Charlie Manson type marriages. We just have “normal” marriages filled with good times and bad, fun and frustration. Normal can be quite wonderful if you let it. You don’t have to have a perfect marriage to have a great marriage.

Personal Growth - Here you’ll find 2 Minute Truths, which are quick and practical truths for your everyday life, found in each chapter of the Bible. You’ll also find something called Quick Counsel. This is a podcast with short and simple counseling insights you can apply to you life.

Sexual Abuse Recovery - Here you will find a unique way to understand the process of healing from sexual abuse. This comes from my years of counseling individuals and leading groups for sexual abuse victims.

There are other things for you to explore, but I’ll leave you with the story of my personal journey of faith.

4 thoughts on “More About Me”

  1. I recognize completely with your life. In ways mine parallels yours.
    But, taking one step further it parallels my good friend that I met in the Army who by perfect coincidence had the exact birthday, year and all, as mine. And he too was a musician like me. We played together for a military special services band all the time we were in the service. AND, what equally made me think of him was he looks so much like you!
    Since that time I have married…etc…etc… I was raised in church but had walked away when God did not put my parents marriage back together before I went into the service. I defiantly did my own thing. My wife was not a Christian when we wed but through divine situations she was saved and I repented.
    Anyway, beside the fact of identifying with marriage as you describe I also thought about my friend whom I would most like to see come to Jesus but he knows who we are now and thinks that’s okay for us but not for me attitude, that I feel I could never reach him coming from me.
    His name is Dennis R. and I would so appreciate you praying and interceding for him for salvation along with his wife Terry.
    Bless you for your ministry!

    • Hey Gerald. Thanks for reading and commenting. So glad to hear that God is working in you marriage. Praying for Dennis and Terry, and asking God to orchestrate a work that will bring them both to Christ. Thanks Gerald.

  2. I have been given your name for counseling. I was sexually traumatized Jan.18,2022. I am still having a difficulty dealing with the rest of my life this is just another challenge to have to get through. I need help!

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. If you will call our offices, my assistant can assist you in finding a time to meet.


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