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Numbers 26 – Looking for Mushrooms

December 5, 2018

When I was a kid, growing up in the country, my parents would take me mushroom hunting every spring. I know this activity is foreign to many, so let me … Read moreNumbers 26 – Looking for Mushrooms

Numbers 25 – What Are You Passionate About?

November 28, 2018

What are you passionate about? What do you get excited about? What do you day dream about? What are you goals? You can learn a lot about a person from … Read moreNumbers 25 – What Are You Passionate About?

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2018

Just a brief reminder on this Thanksgiving Day that giving thanks should be more than just a day on the calendar. It should be the practice of our life and … Read moreHappy Thanksgiving!

Numbers 22-24 – Better Than a Talking Donkey

November 21, 2018

When you read Numbers chapters 22-24, it’s easy to just zero in on the talking donkey story. And why wouldn’t you?! It’s big, unusual, and supernatural! The rest of the … Read moreNumbers 22-24 – Better Than a Talking Donkey

Numbers 21 – A Snake on a Pole

November 14, 2018

The physician’s symbol for healing is a pole around which is wrapped a snake (sometimes two.) This imagery relates to a story found in Numbers chapter 21. There, God’s people … Read moreNumbers 21 – A Snake on a Pole

Numbers 20 – Swinging at Rocks

November 7, 2018

If you’ve ever had trouble following directions, you can relate to Moses. There was a specific time in Moses’ life when failing to follow God’s directions cost him dearly. In … Read moreNumbers 20 – Swinging at Rocks

How Indifference Can Wreck a Dream and a Marriage

November 5, 2018

A Disturbing Dream The other night I had a disturbing dream. I don’t have many disturbing dreams, but this one shook me to my core. In my dream, my wife … Read moreHow Indifference Can Wreck a Dream and a Marriage

Numbers 17-19 – Chosen for the Team

October 31, 2018

As a kid, I was usually the last one picked for the team. This was true for basketball, football, baseball…basically anything with a ball. I had no coordination or talent … Read moreNumbers 17-19 – Chosen for the Team

Numbers 16 – Pay Attention to Your Posture

October 24, 2018

Remember when your parents would fuss about your posture? They would say things like: “Sit up straight.” “Don’t slouch.” “Stand tall.” Why was this so important to them? It was … Read moreNumbers 16 – Pay Attention to Your Posture

Numbers 15 – Keep It Up!

October 17, 2018

It’s a good feeling to finally reach a goal.  The sense of accomplishment and achievement you get from reaching a goal is intoxicating. But then what? What do you do after … Read moreNumbers 15 – Keep It Up!