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Joshua 9 – Do You Shoot First and Ask Questions Later?

By Bret Legg | November 14, 2019

“Shoot first and ask questions later.” This statement calls one to make quick decisions, and worry about whether it was the “right” decision later. There may be some rare occasions … Read moreJoshua 9 – Do You Shoot First and Ask Questions Later?

Joshua 8 – Confidence

By Bret Legg | November 7, 2019

Confidence. It’s an attractive character trait. It’s something most people wish they had more of. The problem is, confidence is not a stand alone, self-contained commodity. It doesn’t just exist … Read moreJoshua 8 – Confidence

Joshua 7 – Small Matters

By Bret Legg | October 31, 2019

Small matters. This truth struck me one day when I discovers termites in my house. They were so small, the termite inspector had to get a magnifying glass to determine … Read moreJoshua 7 – Small Matters

Joshua 6 – Walls

By Bret Legg | October 24, 2019

Walls. They prop up our structures. They give us protection, privacy, and a sense of security. Walls can also isolate us, impeded us, and entrap us. All these functions can … Read moreJoshua 6 – Walls

Joshua 5 – Little Things

By Bret Legg | October 17, 2019

“Little things are important.” “It’s the little things that mean the most.” These are sayings most of us have heard all our lives. The reason little things are important and … Read moreJoshua 5 – Little Things

Joshua 3-4 – Change and Uncertainty

By Bret Legg | October 10, 2019

Everyone struggles with change. Even those who say they like change become stressed if the changes are too quick or too drastic. In Joshua chapters 3-4, we find the Israelites … Read moreJoshua 3-4 – Change and Uncertainty

Joshua 2 – Are You In?

By Bret Legg | October 3, 2019

When I was a young boy, my parents would get together with the neighbors and play cards on a Friday and Saturday night. While they were playing cards, we kids … Read moreJoshua 2 – Are You In?

Joshua 1 – Some Things Change and Some Things Never Do

By Bret Legg | September 26, 2019

In the last movie of the “Matrix” trilogy, there is a line that sticks in my head. There, the character of Morpheus says, “Some things never change, and some do.” … Read moreJoshua 1 – Some Things Change and Some Things Never Do

Deuteronomy 33-34 – A Fitting Epitaph to a Life Well Lived

By Bret Legg | September 19, 2019

Celebrities and successful people seem to just spring up out of nowhere these days. The media is full of stories about the latest star or business guru who seem to … Read moreDeuteronomy 33-34 – A Fitting Epitaph to a Life Well Lived

Deuteronomy 32 – A Live Demonstration.

By Bret Legg | September 12, 2019

Some things just stick with you. They are indelibly inked on your mind and heart. It might be an event, a realization, a statement, a phrase or an image. Whatever … Read moreDeuteronomy 32 – A Live Demonstration.