Movie Disagreement Disorder

a bucket of popcorn with two cinema ticketsI’m a Star Wars husband married to a Lifetime movie wife.  This weekend, TNT ran a back-to-back Star Wars marathon. I was ecstatic. My wife…not so much.

When I got married, I didn’t realize our marriage would suffer from MDD…Movie Disagreement Disorder. It’s a very common disorder, found in most marriages.

Some of the symptoms of MDD are:

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How Can You Improve Your Batting Average in Marriage

BaseballEvery baseball player wants to hit a home run. They want to know that feeling of seeing the ball go over the fence.

The same is true in marriage.  We all want a marriage that powerfully connects and soars over the fence. We all want a home run marriage.

But what about those of us who are just average batters.  What about those of us who have normal marriages…not home run marriages?

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