Dissatisfaction in Marriage

DissatisfactionTo be married is to know dissatisfaction. That statement will probably get me in trouble, but it’s true. You can’t live with someone who is different than you and not experience some dissatisfaction. Your spouse won’t make the same decisions you would make. They will correct you at times. Their priorities will be different than yours. You won’t like all their habits and quirks. No matter how great your spouse might be, being married to them will bring a certain amount of dissatisfaction.

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What Is Facebook Really Saying About You?

Security concept: Keyhole on digital screenWhat is Facebook really saying about you? Facebook gives away a lot more information about you than you realize. More than just your profile. More than just the pictures you post. More than just your likes and dislikes. More than just what you’re having for lunch and where you’re having it. There’s a lot more that’s freely being shared about you on this platform. What is Facebook really saying about you?

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How Is Marriage Like Facebook, Makeup, and Toothpaste?

Four Quadrants graphic no linesHere’s a marriage riddle for you. (As if marriage wasn’t perplexing enough.) How is marriage like Facebook, makeup, and toothpaste? And the answer is not that both spouses need better profiles, wife’s need to use more makeup, and husbands need to use more toothpaste.

To find the answer, think about this. When people first start using Facebook they work hard to get the right profile and pictures on their page. They think through what to post and what not to post. They carefully craft each post, knowing that others will be reading it.

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