Deuteronomy 18 – All Roads Do Not Lead Home

“All roads lead to God.” “I believe God in my own way.” “All religions are basically the same.” “Who’s to say this belief is right and that belief is wrong?” “The most important thing is to be spiritual. How you choose to do that doesn’t matter.”

These are common statements made about God, but ultimately they are rooted in pride and independence. We want to do things our way, and we would rather not be told what to do and how to do it. (2 Peter 2:1-2) So, we want a lot of leeway with God. We want to keep things with God very broad and general.

But God, (the One who created delicately balanced sub-atomic particles and intricate DNA strands) is about specifics. (Matt. 7:13-14) And He is specific about how we are to connect with Him and follow Him. You see this in Deuteronomy 18.

Now our independent nature wants to rise up and say, “How dare God be so controlling and egotistical that it can only be His way! But it’s not about control. It’s about truth! Truth is very specific. It’s not whatever you want it to be. (John 8:31-32) (John 14:15-17) (John 16:13)

To get to a destination, you must follow specific directions. You can no more get to a specific destination any way you choose, then you can use any old PIN number on your ATM card to get the cash you want.

All roads do not lead home. So what will it be? Pick any road you want and wind up driving yourself right out of where you want to be? (Deuteronomy. 18:12-14) Or pick a specific road that God has given and find your way home?

If I Only Had a Brain

Shortly into her journey down the yellow brick road, Dorothy comes to a crossroad. With no map or roadsigns, she stops to decide which direction to take. It’s there she meets the first of three eventual traveling companions…the Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow is stuck on a pole in the middle of nowhere. He’s pleasant and friendly, but he feels insignificant because he’s stuffed with straw, and useless because he can’t protect the corn from crows.

The Scarecrow is convinced all this would change if he only had a brain. He believes being able to think rationally would solve all his problems. If he could just figure things out, he could make things better.

So Dorothy invites him to join her on the journey, adding his quest for a brain to her quest to get back home. Little does she realize how important this move will be.

When you begin your journey on the road out of Oz, the first crossroad you typically come to involves the need for rational thought.

Like the Scarecrow, you reach a place where you feel stuck and unable to do what you need to do. You believe if you could only look at things logically and rationally you would be able to think yourself out of your predicament and heal from your sexual abuse.

The problem is your head is filled with the straw of deceptive and destructive messages. These “straw messages” were implied and implanted by both the abuser and the abuse. They are “straw messages” like:

  • “This is all you’re good for.”
  • “You brought this on yourself.”
  • “You responded, so you’re just as guilty.”
  • “If others really loved you, they would have protected you.”
  • “It just proves you can’t trust anyone.”
  • “You just need to be stronger.”
  • “That was a long time ago, so forget it and move on.”

Even though a part of you knows these messages aren’t logical, they still clog your thinking and make it hard for you to move forward and be productive. If only you had a brain that could forcefully override all the “straw messages” and help you think your way out of this.

It’s true that many of the messages left by the abuse are false and counter productive. It’s also true that these messages need to be countered and corrected by an ability to think clearly and rationally about things. You cannot heal if you continue to believe the left-behind lies of the abuse.

So, learning to think rightly is an important step, but that alone will not get you out of Oz. You need more than just a brain. If you are to find healing and wholeness from your sexual abuse, there are more traveling companions to be added on the road out of Oz.