1 Kings 1 – Rivalry

Two different factions, each trying to get the upper hand on the other. Each trying to gain control. Each trying to be on top.

This is the story of 1 Kings chapter 1…and of 1 Kings as a whole. The book begins with one brother (Adonijah) trying to grab the kingdom from the other brother (Solomon.) Adonijah is aggressive. He tries to stake first claim, and it looks like he’s going to gain the power. But then the whole thing reverses. Solomon become king, and Adonijah is left out, afraid of losing his life.

This theme is not just a theme for ancient kings. This theme of two different factions, each trying to get the upper hand and be on top, continues to play out today…in countries, in political parties, in marriage, in sibling rivalries, on the sports field, and in life in general. One person or one group trying to get more, be more, or do more than the other.

Within each of us wars two factions…the part of us that wants it’s own way and the part of us that wants a better path. And this is certainly true for those of us who have given our lives and allegiance to Christ. The Holy Spirit, Who resides within us, calls us to pursue God’s desires. But our flesh calls us to pursue our own desires. (Romans 7:15) It’s the great internal rivalry.

As you see through out 1 Kings, the key lies in our character. When we allow God to craft our character with truth and goodness, our conduct leans toward truth and goodness. Life, leadership, and legacy comes from the inside out. Allow the Spirit, rather than the flesh, to win the reign of the internal. Then God will win the reign of the external also.