1 Chronicles 29 – Use Your Superpower Wisely

As a kid, I loved reading comic books about superheroes and dreaming about having superpowers and special abilities.

I still read superhero comic books as an adult and have come to believe that people can have special abilities. Oh, they might not be able to fly or shoot laser rays from their eyes, but everyone has a special ability or two that can change situations and help others.

One special ability we all have is the ability to set the tone or atmosphere for what’s going on around us. Think of it…

  • A wife has the power to change the atmosphere and the attitude of her husband just in how she greets him when he comes home.
  • A father can change the attitude and outlook of a son who struck out in how he interacts and responds to the son after the game.
  • A friend can change the hopelessness of a grieving friend just by their presence and reassurance.

To change the very atmosphere of another through our presence, our words, and our actions…that is a superpower!

In 1 Chronicles chapter 29, we see David using his ability to set the tone for Solomon’s future kingdom. First, he sets an atmosphere through his actions. (1 Chron. 29:2-5) David’s actions of generosity impact the people so much they follow his example and give generously. Then, David sets an atmosphere through his words. (1 Chron. 29:10-19) David’s words toward God are so honest and passionate the people passionately worship and praise God.

We often believe the special ability to set the tone and atmosphere of others is given only to charismatic people. But we each possess this special ability. In fact, we can’t turn it off! This power is always at work…for the good or the no-so-good.

So use your superpower wisely. Because, as Spiderman was once told, “With great power comes great responsibility.”