1 Chronicles 22 – What Are You Leaving Behind?

In volleyball, there’s something called the “setup” where one player sets the ball in a good position for their teammate to score. In the setup, one player foregoes scoring making it possible for another to successfully score.

In 1 Chronicles chapter 22, David is making preparation, not for his success, but for his son’s success. Though David desired to build a temple for God, God gave that responsibility to his son, Solomon. So, David determined he would prepare and provide what was necessary for his son to be successful in carrying out that responsibility. David not only provided the materials of gold, silver, cedar, and stone; but he also provided story (1 Chron. 22:7-10) and wisdom (1 Chron. 22:13) to Solomon.

We need to learn from this example. We live in an age where everyone seems to be looking out for themselves and their own causes. This is can be an unproductive and dangerous norm to follow for it shows little concern for the generations to follow.

Yes, we need to see to our own needs, but we also need to be working for those who come after us. We need to leave a positive legacy for the next generation. One that will help them rather than hurt them.

What are you leaving behind, spiritually, relationally, emotionally, and materially for those who will come after you? Are you contributing to the building of the next generation, or are you consumed with your own stuff? What’s one thing you can do to pour into the next generation?

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