1 Kings 3 – If You Could Have Anything You Want

It’s the age-old question: “If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?”

As kids, we dreamed about the answer to that question. Even as adults, we’ve looked longingly at those people in the world who have the ability to have whatever they want and wondered what that would be like.

In 1 Kings chapter 3, Solomon is actually given the opportunity to have whatever he asks for. And of all the things he could have asked for, he asks for the wisdom to lead and serve the people well. This selfless request so touches the heart of God that God not only gives Solomon the wisdom he asked for but also all the other things he didn’t ask for – riches, honor, fame, etc.

This story is not intended to be a lesson on how to indirectly get God to give you everything you want. Instead, it’s a lesson on being the person God desires. It’s about having a full heart, rather than full hands. 1 Kings 3:3 says that Solomon loved the Lord, was obedient to Him, and was grateful to Him. So, when it came to making his request, Solomon put others ahead of himself. Simply put, he loved the Lord his God and loved his neighbor as himself. (Matt. 22:37-40)

Could this be the reason God doesn’t give us the same opportunity to ask for whatever we want? Would our request really honor God and others, or would our request be more selfish than selfless? (James 4:3)

May God give us a stronger desire for hearts that are full of Him than for hands that are full of stuff.

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