Numbers 17-19 – Chosen for the Team

As a kid, I was usually the last one picked for the team. This was true for basketball, football, baseball…basically anything with a ball. I had no coordination or talent when it came to sports. So when kids were choosing teams, I was usually avoided till I was the last on left. It was hurtful.

Perhaps this is why it’s hard for people to think about God choosing the Israelites to be His special people. It seems biased, politically incorrect, and hurtful to those not chosen.

But what does it mean to be chosen by God? Does it mean that those chosen are more elite, more loved, more valued, or more important? Absolutely not! God has no favorites. Just check out Acts 10:34 or Rom. 2:11.

As you read through Numbers chapters 17-19, you begin to see that God doesn’t choose people to elevate them, but to put them into the service of those around them. God chose the nation of Israel to be a blessing to the nations around them. (Gen. 12:1-2) We’re chosen by God, not to be special, but to be servants. That’s why God chose Abram, Moses, Aaron, and you. (1 Pet. 2:9)

So, in God’s economy, being chosen means something different than it did on the playgrounds of my childhood. God chooses people so that they can reach out to others and include them…not exclude them.

Know this…no matter what you’re experience has been, God chooses you. (John 3:16) And He chooses you so that He can use you to bring others onto the team.

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