Deuteronomy 14 – Pay Attention to the Little Things

A few years ago there was a book published entitled, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” While I agree we shouldn’t get overly anxious or bogged down in small, inconsequential things, that doesn’t mean we should ignore the little things.

Little things are important, because big things are made up of a series of little things. If the little things are not properly cared for, the big things are liable to falter. Just ask anyone who has ignored little things like putting oil in their car, air in their tires, or gas in their tanks.

In Deuteronomy chapter 14, Moses addresses what we might consider small and unimportant things. They seem like things that don’t apply to us, but the principles behind these small things are very relevant.

The first half of Deuteronomy chapter 14 tells the Children of Israel to be careful about what goes into their bodies. What you put in your body may seem like a little thing in the moment, but later on the cumulative effects of what goes into our bodies can be a big thing.

The second half of Deuteronomy chapter 14 tells the Children of Israel about the importance of intentionally giving out of their resources. This is important, because intentionally giving out of our resources has a positive effect on our relationship with God (Deut. 14:23) and our relationship with others. (Deut. 14:29)

Being careful about what goes in and what goes out are two little things that have a big impact on life.

What little things in your life do you need to give attention to? Are you paying attention to what’s going into your mouth…and your mind? Are you making sure to intentionally give out of your resources? How would paying attention to these little thing make a difference in the bigger things of your life?

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