Deuteronomy 29 – Trusting “Because I Said So.”

When children become pre-teens and teens, they think more abstractly and become more self-focused. When this happens, they want to know “why” before they carry out instructions. If they’re not told “why,” or if it makes no sense to them, they often resist the request or directive.

At times, parents need to take more time to explain the reasoning behind their directives. But, because of their age and experience, parents know and foresee things their children are unable to. So there are times when a child needs to trust their parent’s wisdom, intentions, and love…even though the child doesn’t have the information they desire.

In Deuteronomy chapter 29, this is the interaction taking place between God and His children. He acknowledges that they may not have the complete picture. (Deut. 29:4,29) But God declares His loving commitment to them (Deut. 29:12-15), and He asks them to trust Him based on His past track record. (Deut. 29:5-8)

There are times in our relationship with God when He asks us to move forward, even though we don’t know all the details. He give us enough information to get busy, and He then asks us to trust Him on with the rest. Our sin nature may raise it’s adolescent head and want all the details up front, so as to be in control and protect our own interests, but in the end we’re left with two options: trust our Heavenly Parent loves us or doubt His motives. The first will bring the blessings of trusting Him while the latter will bring the heartache of resisting Him.

This week, you and I will have the opportunity to choose one of these two responses. Which will it be?

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