Deuteronomy 32 – A Live Demonstration.

Some things just stick with you. They are indelibly inked on your mind and heart. It might be an event, a realization, a statement, a phrase or an image. Whatever it is, it’s stamped into you, and becomes timelessly highlighted in the midst of all the “normal” of life. This happened to me while reading Deuteronomy chapter 32. It was a phrase that grabbed me when I first read through the chapter, and it continues to echo in my head.

God, in explaining to Moses why he could not enter into the Promise Land, uses this phrase… “You failed to demonstrate my holiness to the people.”

That’s the thought that won’t let me go! I can’t escape it! If Moses, who lived an incredible life of faith, miracles, and communion with God, (Exodus 33:11) is indicted by God for not demonstrating His holiness, how much greater is the charge against me? How many opportunities to demonstrate God’s holiness do I drop?

All of God’s activity is for the purpose of demonstrating His holiness. Like wise, all He’s doing with me is meant to demonstrate His holiness. (Philippians 2:12-15) We are to be God’s live demonstration.

So we need to shift our focus away from ourselves and see our lives as something to be lived for His holiness, rather than our happiness.

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