Deuteronomy 4 – Focus!

Focus! If you’re a photographer, this means to train your lens on the most important part of the photograph, making it sharp and clear. If you’re someone with a touch of ADHD and facing a lot of demands, it means to train your mind on the most important thing at the moment…so as to not get sidetracked or pulled away.

As the Children of Israel prepared to cross over into the Promised Land, I imagine their hearts and minds were crowded with lots of thoughts, fears, excitements, dreams, anticipation, apprehension, memories, etc.

But in Deuteronomy chapter 4, Moses called the people to focus on God with all their heart, all their mind, and all their actions. They were to revere and honor God as:

  • The One and Only God.
  • The Maker of all things.
  • The Ruler of all things.
  • The awesome and mighty God Who is divinely different from anything in existence.

The people were to revere God by:

  • REMEMBERING all of His mighty acts and interventions. They were to rehearse all that God had done and to report His interventions to future generations.
  • RESPONDING to all His directives. They were to live the way He called them to live…not only for their own welfare, but also for the welfare of the nations around them who needed to see God demonstrated.

In short, Moses was saying, “Your success and your satisfaction depends on your focus.”

This is still true today. We all stand on the edge of something…a great blessing, a great challenge, a great task, a great heartache, etc. The key to success and satisfaction is to stay focused on God; what He’s already done in your life, and what He wants to do now.

So focus!

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