Exodus chapters 11-12 tell us that before Pharaoh will set the Israelites free from bondage, there will have to be one final plague. It’s as if all the other plagues were warm-ups in preparation for the grand finale.
God has been laying ground work with all the other plagues. He has been showing His supremacy and sovereignty over nature, over the kings of Egypt, and over the gods of Egypt. Now, with this final plague, God will definitively make His point.
This final plague is different from all the others. With the other plagues, the Israelites were spectators. But now, for them be set them free from their bondage, they must invest and participate in this final plague!
Their investment would be the death of a lamb as a substitution for their first born son. It would be an act of trust, obedience, and faith.
It is the same today. All around us, God displays His power, supremacy, and sovereignty. But for Him to truly set us free from our sin and bondage, their must be a sacrifice…the death of His first born Son, Jesus the Lamb of God. And we must participate in this by trusting the blood of His sacrifice to be enough to substitute for our sins. When we do, God will use this act of faithful obedience to lead us out of our bondage.
This was so important, the Israelites were commanded to regularly remember the grand finale of their deliverance. Should we do any less?


Bret Legg is the Teaching and Counseling Pastor at Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, GA.