Exodus 36-39 – There’s Always Enough

I remember my parents telling me, “There will never be enough money to do all you want to do.” As I’ve grown older, I’ve certainly found that to be true.
Still, God has shown us there is always enough money and resources to do all He wants to do. But His work seems to inch along, hampered by limited resources. Why? Where are all the funds and resources for His work?
All the funds and resources needed to further God’s work are in the hands of God’s people. We already have it! We’re just not freely and sacrificially turning it over to God and His purposes. We (and I’m including myself) allow selfishness, covertness, and mounting debt to redirect the resources that rightfully belong to God and His work.
In Exodus chapters 36-39, the Israelites freely give…
  • A ton of gold.
  • 3.75 tons of silver.
  • 2.5 tons of bronze.
  • Untold amounts of spices, fabrics, and other things.
And they gave so liberally that they had to be restrained from giving! (Ex. 36:6-7) Can you imagine that?
God still desires that same spirit of generosity in His people. Yes, there are some very great needs, but everything that’s needed, has already been given to us. We just need to pass it on.
We’ve been given, so that we might give.


Bret Legg is the Teaching and Counseling Pastor at Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, GA.

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