In Genesis chapter 47, Jacob and his family move to the land of Goshen. It shows the distinction given to Jacob and his family. While all around them experienced famine, they experienced favor. While all around them had struggles, they had status. While all around them were experiencing bondage, they experienced blessing.
What was it that made Jacob and his family distinct from all that was going on around them?
Jacob and his family were related to Joseph, the sovereign one over the provisions of Egypt. They knew the owner and ruler of all they needed. And Joseph, the sovereign one, loved them deeply.
The same is true for every Christian today. We live in the midst of great famine. People are starving for love, security, hope, purpose…and even basic necessities. But we are related to the Sovereign Owner and Ruler of all things, and He loves us more deeply than we can ever imagine.
Yet, so often, we think and act as if we’re on our own with no place to turn for provision and protection.
Jacob and his family didn’t have to worry, because they lived in the land of Goshen under Joseph’s care and protection. We don’t need to worry or fear, even when all around us seems dire. (Matt. 6:25-34) (Heb. 13:6) Instead, we can thrive in the midst of trouble, because we are related to, and loved by, the One who owns all power and provision.
If you’re not living in the land of Goshen, perhaps you need to look at Matthew 7:7-8 and James 4:2-3again.


Bret Legg is the Teaching and Counseling Pastor at Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, GA.