Genesis 5 – Will You Stand Out?

Reading through a family tree can be a little dull. “Your great, great, great grandfather Joe Smith was born in Kentucky. He grew up and worked in the coal mines. He met a lady named Ann Jones. They married and had three kids. One of those kids was named Ben. Ben grew up and worked…”
But occasionally, there’s an ancestor who stands out. There’s something about their character or conduct that makes them rise above the drone of names, and you’re struck by the impact they had on the family…and eventually you.
Genesis chapter five gives us the family lineage of Noah. Like most family trees, it can be a little dull to read. There’s the name of someone you don’t know. You find out how long they lived before they had a child, and how long they lived after that child. Then they die and the pattern starts all over again with the child.
But in the middle of all the names, one person stands out. His name is Enoch. There’s something different about Enoch. Twice in four verses, we’re told Enoch “walked with God.” (This phrase is not used with the others names in the lineage.) Then it doesn’t say that Enoch died, like everyone else. Instead, we’re told “Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.” – Genesis 5:24 ESV.
Then the lineage goes on as usual, until you get to Noah. Noah stands out. He is described as “one who will bring relief.” He (like Enoch) is also described as someone who “walked with God.” – Genesis 6:9.
Perhaps there’s a connection between Enoch standing out and Noah standing out.
When your descendants review their family tree, will you stand out above the drone of names as someone who walked with God? Will your life impact future generation to stand out for God?
Bret Legg is the Teaching and Counseling Pastor at Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, GA.

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