Joshua 3-4 – Change and Uncertainty

Everyone struggles with change. Even those who say they like change become stressed if the changes are too quick or too drastic.

In Joshua chapters 3-4, we find the Israelites preparing to cross the Jordan river and move into the Promise Land. They’re facing rapid and radical changes. They are uncertain and they don’t know from moment to moment what they are to do or how they are to do it.

But, in the midst of such change and uncertainty, God declares and demonstrates that He is their one constant and their one source for unchanging stability. He provides them with a strong leader, just as He did when He provided Moses. He goes before them with the ark of the covenant, just as He did with the pillars of fire and cloud. God provides a safe path through difficult waters, just as He did at the Red Sea. And He calls His people to remember and memorialize His mighty deeds, just as He did with Moses and the prior generations.

God brought His people through times of great change and uncertainty.

  • So that other people would see His acts of power and turn to Him.
  • So that His people would see His acts of protection and revere Him. (Joshua 4:24)

God hasn’t changed. (Malachi 3:6) He still brings His people through times of change and uncertainty. He still provides strong leadership. He still goes before us. He still provides a safe path through difficult waters. He still calls His people to remember His mighty deeds. He still seeks the world’s allegiance and our reverence.

We live in a time of breath-taking change and uncertainty. So, stand at your current “Jordan river” of change and look carefully. You may be surprised what you see.

2 thoughts on “Joshua 3-4 – Change and Uncertainty”

  1. I am reading this post sitting in a hotel room in a new city. Looked at six different apartment complexes and did a job interview today. I do like change. I do not like making decisions. I say all day I trust God, but when the rubber hits the road I crumble. The uncertainty and lack of control has me in tears on my knees.

    But God. In His perfect timing, had you post this and me read it. He is so loving and faithful. I am ashamed of myself for losing it. After all He has done for me why would He leave me now?

    Thank you Brett for your words and ministry.

    • I’m grateful to hear that God used this post in your life in such a definitive way. The circumstances around us can make all of us quake at times. As you’ve discovered, the key is to face the God who is before us, rather than the circumstances around us. May He continue to guide and supply your needs.


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