Leviticus 8 – Seeing God

Listen to these phrases from past Christian worship music…
  • “We want to see Jesus lifted high”
  • “I want to see you”
  • “Open the eyes of my heart”
  • “Show me your glory”
Like Moses (Ex. 33:18-23), we have a desire to see God for ourselves. And the good news is…God wants to reveal Himself to us! God reveals Himself in His word and in prayer. God reveals Himself in biology, nature, beauty, and art.
But, if God reveals Himself in so many ways, why do we still have trouble seeing Him?
The problem is not a lack of God’s revelation. The problem is our lack of preparation.
For us to see God, but we must prepare ourselves. Leviticus chapter 8 gives some general principles that will help us prepare to see God.
  • There must be a seeking. Not to sound like Captain Obvious, but if we’re going to see God, we need to be looking for Him.
  • There must be a sacrifice. The sin that is so engrained in us must be addressed and atoned for if we are to see God in all His glory.
  • There must be a subjection. We must personally subject ourselves to the sacrifice. The blood of the sacrifice must be personally applied to us.
  • There must be a submission. Though the sacrifice has been made and personally applied, the way is still not clear for God to reveal Himself to us until we submit to His directives.
When we do these things..
  • God can reveal Himself and His glory.
  • We can experience intense joy and awe.
  • We can see and be changed.
Are you prepared to see God today?


Bret Legg is the Teaching and Counseling Pastor at Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, GA.

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