Is Anyone In Control?

Confused child thinking and looking upWhen we’re growing up and we encounter things beyond our control, we tend to look for someone who is in control.  We look for a parent, a teacher, a referee, a police officer…anyone who can exercise some control over our situation.  But if that doesn’t work, we head down one of two paths:

  1. We let fear take root in our life
  2. We militantly try to take matters into our own hands.

Think about our world these days.  More and more, things seem to be out of our control.  There’s…

  • A congress that can’t agree or get anything done.
  • More unwanted surveillance and intrusion into our lives.
  • Overseas governments rising and falling from month to month.
  • Weather patterns that seem to be more severe and unpredictable than ever.
  • An economy that rises and falls seemingly at a whim.
  • Marriages whose success or failure seem to be based on mere luck.
  • Family structures that are becoming more fragmented and less stable.

(Ok, now I’m starting to feel a little depressed.)

How can we regain a sense of control in the midst of all of this?  Believe it or not, it starts when we’re more critical of ourselves than others.  We can’t be in control of everyone’s character and actions, but we can be in control of our own character and actions.  Being the type of person in whom others can have confidence and trust brings a sense of predictability and control…at least to our little part of the world.  When we’re compassionate, true to our word, sincere in our caring, and determined in our actions then life seems a little less out of control to us and to others.

To take this to another level…

Psalm 9 and Psalm 10 speak of a caring and competent God who is in control of everything…even when He doesn’t appear to be.  Even in those times when we don’t see it or believe it, God is continually at work to right wrongs and help the helpless in His way and in His time.

Just remember that God often chooses to do this, not through dramatic miracles but through common people like you and me.  So rather than complain about a lack of integrity in others, let’s focus on being people of integrity.  Rather than worrying about a lack of control, let’s trust the one who is in complete control.  We can live in the confidence that Someone is in control.  It’s just not us.

What’s one area of your life that feels out of control.  Even if you’re not very religious, why not try trusting God to handle this area?  If you can’t seem to control that area anyway, then what do you have you to loose?  

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2 thoughts on “Is Anyone In Control?”

  1. I am sure I do not need to tell you what feels out of control in my life. When trust has been misplaced so many times on earth, it seems impossible to trust God. Can we dole out our trust in God little by little? Each step may not give us the results we desire, but if we see we are not hurt by this, will we eventually get to the point we surrender and trust Him in all things? Is it all or nothing?

    • It’s clear, at least in Scripture, that God takes us where we are and as we are. He understands our hurts and our hesitations. He knows that we’re often “toddlers” in the faith and He celebrates each step (no matter how small.) If things were “all or nothing” with God, then it would be “nothing” for all of us. Baby steps in the right direction are still steps in the right direction. Keep taking the steps.


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