What Makes a Good Marriage Story – Part 1

(The posts in this series have been adapted from the “Relentless Love” marriage seminar, created and taught by David McKinley and Bret Legg at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.)

Whether it’s War and Peace or Green Eggs and Ham, everyone loves a good story.  Children ask for them at bedtime, people tell them at work, individuals troll for them on social media, and studios makes billions on them. Everyone loves a good story.

If you think about it, your marriage is a story.

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Is Your Marriage Meaningful or Mundane?

Is your marriage meaningful or mundane? It’s easy to skip over that question. An honest answer to that question might not be what we want to hear. But if we’re brave enough to ponder it, the question will lead us to ask another question. What makes a marriage meaningful?

I recently read a post by Donald Miller about what makes a life meaningful. In the post he referenced Dr. Viktor Frankl. Dr. Frankl was an Austrian psychiatrist who survived the Holocaust and the Nazi death camps. It was these experiences that led him to consider what gives life meaning. Is it fame, family, wealth, or pleasure that gives life meaning? When such things are taken away, does life lose it’s meaning?

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Why Am I Here?

Depositphotos_3353833_xs“Why am I here?”  I find myself asking this question a lot.  Sometimes, it’s just because I’ve walked into a room and have forgotten what I was there for.  But the older I get, the more I’m asking that question on a deeper level.  It’s a question that ranks right up there with, “What is the meaning of life?”  It’s a question that begs to be answered.

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