Thank You

“Thank you.” Two simple words that cost us nothing in time or energy, yet they can change the outlook and life of those who hear them.

We all love to hear these words. We can all remember life-changing moments when someone sent us a note or looked us in the eye and said, “Thank you.” In that moment, those words were powerful. They stuck with us, soothed us, and sent us off to be a better person.

These two words have tremendous power to change not only those who hear them but those who speak them. Studies have shown that those who expressed gratitude improve their own happiness. Gratitude is one of the few medicines that improves not only the health of those who receive it but also the health of those who give it.

That is why we should say “thank you” more frequently and more fervently then ever before. Say it to…

  • The bagger who offers to carry your groceries to the car.
  • The spouse who washes your clothes.
  • The server who refills your drink.
  • The assistant at work who helps you with your work.
  • The parent who selflessly helped you grow up.
  • The customer service representative who helped you with your issue on the phone.
  • Anyone and everyone who contributes to your life.

Say it. Say it in notes. Say it in cards. Say it on the phone. Say it in person. Say it for big things. Say it for little things. Say it and watch the people and the world around you change before your very eyes.

And by the way, thank you for reading this post and others like it, and for the encouragement you’ve given me to keep on writing.

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