The Return

With the words “There’s no place like home” still ringing in her ears, Dorothy slowly opens her eyes to discover she is home. It’s still the same old home. She is still surrounded by the same sepia drabness of the Kansas farm. She is still looking at the same family and friends she has always faced. And those family and friends are treating her much like they always did. It’s as if she never really left.

But even though everything around her may look the same, Dorothy knows that something is different. She knows that she is different. She has learned she can overcome the obstacles before her and rise above the status quo. She has learned she can face difficult things without running from them. She has learned how to thrive in less than desirable situations.

She has taken the road out of Oz.

The music swells, the screen fades to black, and the credits roll.

At the end of your journey – after all of the strange things you have seen and experienced, and after all the new things you have heard and learned – you still have to go back to the real world. You may not be going back to the exact people and places of your abuse, but you still have to go back to the people and places that were a part of your life when you started your journey. In many ways, things will look the same and people will act the same. In some ways, it will be as if you never took the journey.

But you will know that something is different. You will know that you are different. You have overcome obstacles, risen above the status quo, learned to face difficulties without running away, and discovered how to make the best of a bad situation.

You have taken the road out of Oz, and it has changed you for the better.

There will be no music swell. No fade to black. No rolling of the credits. Because this will not be the end of a movie. It will be the start of a larger and more cinematic life. The beginning of a much better story!

2 thoughts on “The Return”

  1. Agreed, a lot changes for the better. Somewhere along the way the journey never leaves. There will be another trip down the yellow brick road. It might be a quicker journey or the nap in the poppy field maybe longer, but it still seems likely. What then?

    • We are always on a journey of some type…till our journey ends. Just as the author wrote more than one book about Oz, there will be more than one journey through Oz. But as you said, each journey is not a repeat of the first. Each journey builds upon the other. Each journey grows us in strength and understanding. Each journey further cements our healing. being on journey is a part of living and breathing. The more we learn from and celebrate the journey, the more rewarding it is and the lighter our steps become.


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