Are You Tuning Out The Advertisements?

Advertising word in tag cloudAdvertisements are everywhere.  They blare from our TVs.  They stand out on signs and billboards along our streets and highways.  They fill the spaces of our web pages.  We’ve become saturated with advertisements.

Since we can’t avoid them, we learn to tune them out.  We don’t really see them anymore.   We use the DVR to fast forward through them.  We skip over them to get to the web content we’re searching for.  We ignore them as so much white noise droning from our TV.  We become numb to the advertisements in front of us.

The draw back is that we’ve become so used to overlooking  advertisements that it’s easy to overlook an important advertisement and not have it register.  There are things that can slip our attention, because everything tends to get lumped into the constant white noise of advertising.

Let’s take this to another level…

In  Psalm 8, we find out that all of creation declares something about God.  To put it another way…all of creation is an advertisement for God.  The night sky, the morning sun, the largest animal, the smallest bug, the changing seasons, the richness of the earth, the smell of the flowers, the songs of the birds…it all has something to say about God.

But too often we look at creation without really seeing it.  We hear to the sounds of creation without really listening to them.  We tune out the wonders of creation as if it were just another Viagra commercial.  Maybe that’s why Scripture tells us we need eyes to see and ears to hear.

Take some time this week to really see and hear God’s advertising and then tell us something you saw or heard that made an impression on you. 

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