1 Kings 2 – Loyalty, Alignment, and New Leadership

Every four to eight years, our country goes through a historic transfer of leadership from one president to the next. When a new president comes into office, they immediately make changes to the status quo, establishing themselves as the new leader.

It’s important that a new, incoming leader firmly establish their position and authority as a leader. They need to make changes, not just for the sake of change, but to quickly establish and align things to fit their personality and calling.

You see this in 1 Kings chapter 2. After his father David’s death, Solomon must establish his place and authority as Israel’s king. Though some of his steps seem brutal and vengeful, Solomon is addressing issues of loyalty and alignment in order to firmly establish his leadership. (1 Kings 2:12,46)

Loyalty and alignment are key to reaching goals; whether you’re a married couple, a family, a company, a church, or a nation. (Amos. 3:3) That loyalty and alignment do not always have to be achieved by force (as was Jesus’ example,) but they do need to be achieved.

This is why 1 Kings chapter 2 begins with David’s charge to Solomon to observe the requirements of the Lord. David charges Solomon to be loyal to following God’s laws, commands, regulations, and ways. Because loyalty and alignment with God bring about the goals of God’s administration.

The same is true when it comes to our walk with Christ. The more we are loyal to and aligned with the heart and ways of Christ, the more we will achieve the goals He has for us. For we are following more than a president who’s here for 4-8 years and then gone. We are following the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Whose rule and reign will never end.

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