2 Samuel 23 – Superheroes

Over the years, superhero movies have made a comeback. When I was a boy, I read superhero comic books and dreamed about what it would be like if they really existed. I wondered what it would be like if you could watch their mighty acts and see them use their powers.

What it would be like if I could be a superhero?

In 2 Samuel chapter 23, we read about men who were the superheroes of their day. These men did extraordinary things and were heralded as heroes among the people. And they were not just fantasy, science fiction characters. They really existed!

No, these men were not able to fly, shoot beams from their eyes, or see-through walls. But they did have special characteristics that made them superheroes.

What were those characteristics?

  • Loyalty.
  • Willingness to face difficulty.
  • Belief in what they were doing.
  • Unwavering trust in God.
  • Persistence.
  • Complete commitment to their goal.
  • A refusal to give up.

These are the qualities that turned ordinary men into superheroes.

So what I dreamed of as a kid is possible. It’s possible to have real live superheroes in our midst. More than that, it’s possible for me to be one of them. Not by having extraordinary outward abilities, but by having extraordinary inward qualities. These are the inward qualities that lead us to extraordinary actions.

You don’t have to have a cape to be a superhero. You just have to lean on the power and might of the Lord. (2 Sam. 23:10-12) (Zech. 4:6) (Zech. 10:12)

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