How Can You Sleep At A Time Like This?

Rock Climber 250x250When I was young, I fell asleep while a dentist was working on my teeth.  I had not been given anything to relax me.  I just fell asleep.  The dentist couldn’t believe it, and called my mom back just to see it.

Whether it’s the dentist or something else, we all face trouble in life.  When trouble begins to stack up or go on for a long time, we can get discouraged and overwhelmed.

Yet, there are people who seem to be able to take trouble in stride.  Despite their difficulties, they are able to relax, keep their blood pressure down and even get a good night’s sleep.

How are some people able to relax in the presence of great difficulty?  They seem to be able to trust something beyond themselves.  They trust it will just workout.  They trust  someone will have their back.  They trust in karma.  They trust  the books of the universe will eventually balance.  Whatever it might be, they trust something other than themselves will handle things.

To take this to another level…

Check out what Scripture says about this in Psalm 3-4.  There the psalmist talks of facing an overwhelming number of enemies and anxiously asking how long they will have to endure this trouble.  Yet, despite this, the psalmist is still able to lie down in peaceful sleep at night.

How?  By transferring the ultimate responsibility for outcomes to a caring God who is bigger and more in control than the psalmist.

Who or what do you trust to have your back when things are overwhelming?

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1 thought on “How Can You Sleep At A Time Like This?”

  1. Too often trust in myself. I really like the big picture but I also like the details.
    I am learning to let go of not having all the answers and control. I guess that is what trust is all about. It is good to know that the balance of life is not dependent on me!
    Putting trust back where it belongs- God alone.


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