Facing the Winds of Life

Weathervane 250x250I grew up in the country with a lot of farmland and a lot of barns.  On top of most of those barns was a weather vane.  The weather vane was usually in the shape of a rooster or some other farm animal and it would turn in the wind till it settled in a certain direction.

We can be like one of those weather vanes.  When the winds of life blow against us, we tend to turn in a certain direction.  Some turn into the wind and focus on the injustice or affliction buffeting them.  As a result, they become angry, discouraged, or hurt.  Some turn sideways to the wind and focus on something else.  As a result, they are distracted from the wind, but still buffeted by it.  And some turn in the direction the wind is blowing.  As a result, they learn to work with the wind and let it take them somewhere better.

To take this to another level…

Check out Psalm 5 – 6 .  Psalm 5 begins by turning toward the injustice facing the writer.  Psalm 6 begins by tuning toward the suffering experienced by the writer.  But both conclude by turning toward God.  It’s as if the writer chose to work with the wind, letting it point to Someone and something better.

When the winds of life blow your way, which way do you tend to turn?

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