Deuteronomy 12 – Be Specific

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to details, there are people who are more specific in nature and people who are more general in nature.

Specific people meticulously read the instructions before starting. General people just jump in, occasionally glancing over the instructions…if they look at them at all.

Specific people will sit at a red light for five minutes waiting for the light to change…even when no one else is at the intersection. General people will stop at the red light, but if no one else is there, and they’re already been waiting longer than they think they should, they will drive on.

Specific people see a rule as something to be followed. General people see a rule as something to be considered.

When it comes to worship, are you more general or specific?

Worship is the exclusive dedication of awe and obedience to God. (Ex. 20:3) (Matt. 22:37) (John 4:21-24) Rom. 12:1) In Deuteronomy chapter 12, God reminds His people to be specific when it comes to worshipping Him. He warns them against a general approach to worship which merely pieces together ideas and practices that are fashionable or titillating. God clearly outlines the “hows” of worship, as well as the “wheres” of worship. Later, Jesus will reveal the deeper intent of worship…worship from the spirit and the heart. (John 4:24)

What does all of this mean for us? God deserves and demands our worship, and we should worship Him specifically rather than generally. Though God is always there and we can always communicate with Him, there should be specific times when we take specific steps to focus specifically on Him., and offer who we are specifically for His glory and service.

Don’t settle for impotent generalities when it comes to worshiping God. Be specific!

4 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 12 – Be Specific”

  1. I know this article does not get to the ‘how’ of worship, maybe that will come later, but this has been on my heart lately.
    Puritans on worship:
    “(Worship)… is the tribute which we pay to the King of Kings, whereby we acknowledge His sovereignty over us and our dependence on Him…” George Swinnock
    “Worship is an act of the understanding, applying itself to the knowledge of the excellency of God, and actual thoughts of His majesty” Stephen Charnock
    I feel like many worship songs today seek to proclaim something about us rather than something about God. I know worship is not just about songs and I try to maintain a proper focus, I just can’t sing the songs that emphasize my position or abilities when I should be focusing on God’s position and attributes.

    • I understand your concern. We worship God, not only for who He is, but also for what He’s done. That includes what He’s done in relationship with me. And, when worshiping God for His interactions with me, I can’t help but be in the mix somewhere. As with most things, proper balance is important. Thanks for reading.

  2. I went to Romans 12:1 and it really got to me, the part about using our bodies as a living sacrifice to God and that is a way of worshipping Him. I never considered that as worship. I just didn’t know. I knew we were supposed to treat our bodies as a temple for God but never made the connection to worship. What a change of perspective that is for me!


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