Deuteronomy 17 – No One is Above the Law

“No one is above the law.” This statement is cliché and almost laughable in this day and age. High officials regularly navigate around the law, gang members seem to do whatever they choose, ministers sexually abuse women and children…the list goes on and on. Some are caught and tried, but a large majority of people will continue to violate the law, seemingly undetected.

Deuteronomy chapter 17 stresses the importance of careful and complete adherence to God’s law; whether you’re a lowly citizen or a high official. This kind of life is not easy. It’s always easier to drift with the wind of the flesh than be driven by the wind of the Spirit.

It requires intentionality, commitment, and effort. You must do more than just reading God’s word, praying, and seeking godly counsel. You must intentionally keep God’s ways. You must commit yourself to taking His direction, rather than yours; even when His way is more difficult and feels more painful. You must put forth the effort to carry out God’s way; both in learning and living. And this is all the more critical if you are a leader of any kind. Leaders are especially called to learn and live God’s way. (Deuteronomy 17:18-20)

The ultimate purpose of the law is to promote freedom, rather than restricting freedom. Accepting God’s restrictions will actually give you more freedom, while fighting His restrictions will increase your bondage.

We are meant to be a people and a nation under God’s law; not above it. May we find our way back to this, for God’s sake and ours.

3 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 17 – No One is Above the Law”

  1. Oh, so true! I love that you used the word “intentional”. It’s not going to just happen. Every morning (or usually many times a day) we must make that commitment to seek Him and walk in His way or we will not take that path. #HolySpiritwalking

    • How I wish it would happen casually and without effort. But you’re right. It’s our effort, coupled with the power and prompting of God, that brings results. Thanks so much for reading!

    • Sorry to be so behind in responding. (Life has covered me up for awhile.) I love the idea that if we don’t walk in His way, we will not take His path. Grateful for that encouragement and for you!


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