Joshua 2 – Are You In?

When I was a young boy, my parents would get together with the neighbors and play cards on a Friday and Saturday night. While they were playing cards, we kids would play games and find ways to entertain ourselves. One of our favorite games to play was hide and seek in the house, and one of my favorite, most successful places to hide was in the clothes hamper. You were pretty safe in the hamper.

I’m reminded of that when I read Joshua chapter 2. Repeatedly, you read that the two Israelite spies were safe because they were “in” something. They were safe, because the were in the flax. (Joshua 2:6) They were safe, because they were in Rahab’s house…which was in the wall of the city of Jericho. They were safe, because they were in the hill country for three days. (Joshua 2:22) Even Rahab and her family were promised safety if they stayed in their house during the Israelite’s attack. (Joshua 2:17-19)

Through out this chapter, safety and security come from one little, two-letter word…IN. The thought that safety and security comes from being “in” makes Joshua chapter 2 as much a theological book as a historical book. As believers, we can move through this world and have victory by being in Christ – nothing more and nothing less. Power comes from our position in Christ, rather than our production for Christ, because our production for Christ comes from our position in Him.

So…are you in?

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