Are You Just A Partner?

business handshakeI hear the word “partner” used a lot these days.  People use the term when they’re married, but they also use the term when they’re just living together.

I know the term “partner” is an attempt to be politically correct and inclusive, but to me the term “partner” seems a little demeaning. I want to be more than just a partner. I want a marriage that’s more than just a partnership.  Why?

It seems to me there’s something better than just being a partner, and that’s being a companion.  What’s the difference?

Partners share information.
Companions go further and share their heart.

Partners invest 50/50.
Companions go further and invest 150/150.

Partners make sure things get done.
Companions go further and make sure people are loved.

Partners work for the returns.
Companions go further and work for the relationship.

Partners do business together.
Companions go further and do life and love together.

Partners honor the contract.
Companions go further and honor the person.

Partners focus as much on self as they do the other person.
Companions go further and focus more on the other person than they do themselves.

You see, companions go further than partners. Partnership is just the basic package. It’s something you can get from almost anyone given the right circumstances. But companionship goes way beyond the basic package. Companionship adds all the bells and whistles that make the relationship unique and irreplaceable.

So are you just a partner, or are you a companion? Are you focusing on the things that make you unique and irreplaceable to the relationship…beyond just your uniquely annoying quirks? Are you are you going above and beyond the call of duty?

Or are you just a partner?

Can you think of other differences between partners and companions?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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