Numbers 31 – What’s Cooking?

As any cook knows, it takes a variety of ingredients to make a great dish. Yes, some cooks make incredible dishes by somewhat randomly throwing a variety of things into a pot, but most tend to follow a recipe…whether it’s in their head or on a piece of paper.

Numbers chapter 31 is a recipe of sorts. It’s a chapter that covers a variety of ingredients for a well lived life. Many of these ingredients are so simple and common we tend to overlook them, if not reminded once in a while.

Look at some of the life ingredients found in this chapter:

  • Vengeance is God’s job, and not ours.
  • Obedience is our job.
  • Victory comes from God’s hand, and not our skill.
  • Purity and holiness should always be our goal.
  • God’s provision is abundant.
  • God’s protection is sufficient.
  • Gratitude should be our natural response.

So, when it comes to your life…what’s cooking? Do you find these ingredients in the dish of your life? These ingredients will turn a bland life into a savory life, and following this recipe will turn an ordinary meat and potatoes life into a culinary masterpiece!

Which of these ingredients do you most need to add to the life you’re currently cooking? What’s one way you can do that this week? 

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