Numbers 32 – Are You a Musketeer?

“One for all and all for one!” What a concept! This declaration comes from “The Three Musketeers. It’s an ideal that is not only admirable, but longed for by most. We all long to be a part of a community that truly demonstrates loyalty, dependability, care, and concern.

These qualities should characterize God’s people, no matter what point in history we find ourselves.

From its inception, the nation of Israel was called to live out the “one for all and all for one” ideal. In Numbers chapter 32, you read about the Reubenites and the Gadites. With the help of their fellow Israelites, they had already taken their portion of the land on the East side of the Jordan river. But these two tribes pledged themselves to the “one for all and all for one” ideal when they committed to put off enjoying their land until they had helped their fellow Israelites capture the rest of the land.

We need more of this spirit. It’s the spirit that says, “I want you to achieve your dreams so much I’m willing to put off enjoying mine to help you do it.” This is hard to do in this self-centered society, but God’s people are to be different. (John 15:19) The world around us is waiting to see us live out a “one for all and all for one” type of community, before signing up themselves. (John 13:35) (Phil. 2:14-15)

What’s one way you can exhibit a “one for all and all for one” attitude this week?

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