What’s A Good Marriage Look Like?

Depositphotos_19059467_xsWhat’s a good marriage look like? Even if we don’t ask this question out loud, we all wonder what a good marriage really looks like. Maybe you have your own ideas about what a good marriage looks like. When you think about a good marriage, maybe you picture a husband and wife…

  • Laughing together over a meal.
  • Helping each other around the house.
  • Taking the kids to the park.
  • Enjoying a leisurely vacation together.
  • Flirting and being sexually playful.
  • Walking arm in arm.
  • Quietly reading the paper together.

Those images are all great, and certainly can be pictures of a good marriage. But I think there’s more. I have the privilege to be around couples who have been married for a long time. I’m talking about marriages that have lasted more than a half a century.  Sometimes they reminded me that a good marriage goes deeper than the things we picture.

I recently came across a video of a friend of mine talking about his marriage of nearly 68 years. The video was shot 3 years ago and at the time of the video his wife had already passed away. Not long after the video was shot, He passed away.

I recently watched this video again, and the first thing I thought was… “I want my marriage to look like that.” The second thing I thought was, “I’ve got more work to do.”

What’s a good marriage look like? Watch this video. It says it better than I ever could.

(Special thanks to Warren Baptist Church for the use of the video.)

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3 thoughts on “What’s A Good Marriage Look Like?”

  1. The video is so sweet and honest. I need to get busy on working on that type of marriage. It makes sense and it was just the simple things that carried them so far. I especially liked the part describing how they handled a disagreement-trying once, giving space if not successful, and then trying again. They were companions, spent a lot of time together and seems they found joy on so many different levels. That man loved his wife without condition and took those vows as they should be, a promise and covenant, and not just words you are traditionally supposed to say on your wedding day.

    • I knew this couple. They were sweet and loving through and through. And they were more in love in the last year of marrage then they were in their first year of marriage. (And that was when one of them had suffered a debilitating stroke that took all their ability to communicate.) Their marriage was a great role model.

  2. Wow Bret, I do believe that is what everyone would love to have in a marriage. What a tear jerker! Thanks for sharing. Definitely striving for that in our marriage.


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