What Does a Ham Have to Do With Marriage?

At the beginning of every year, we look at things we can do to make the new year better. But when it comes to marriage, what you do now will not only effect the new year, but generations to come.

There’s a story about a young wife who always cut off the end of the ham before she baked it. When her husband asked why she did this, she responded, “I don’t know. My mom always did it.” This made the husband curious, so he went to his mother-in-law and asked her why she cut off the end of a ham before baking it. His mother-in-law replied, “I don’t know. It’s something my mother always did when baking a ham.” The mystery went unresolved for some time, until one day the young couple were visiting the wife’s grandmother.

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Have Your Dreams Been Run Over?

Businessman heroWhen I was out for a walk the other morning, I found a small Batman action figure facedown in the middle of the road. It had been run over and was scarred and marred. I picked it up and set it to the side of the road so the child who owned it might find it. Then I walked away a little sad. Why?

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How to Have Power and Influence

concept of leadership & authority - big fish leading small fisheWho doesn’t want to have power and influence?  That’s why people rise through the ranks, store up wealth, connect with the right people, and change things around them.  It’s a desire to attain some sort of power and influence.  That’s not necessarily bad.

But people often overlook the two things that would make them most powerful and influential.

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