If You Want A Fairytale Marriage…

I raised two daughters, and I have four grandchildren. So I’ve read my fair share of fairytales.

You would think that people would eventually outgrow fairytales, but there’s one fairytale no one seems to outgrow.

Perhaps it’s our early diet of princess and shining knight stories (thank you Disney,) but we still tend to believe that marriage should be like a fairytale.

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From Zero To Fifty In One Afternoon

Zero to Fifty graphicIt was a busy Saturday for my wife and me.  We had two celebrations to attend in the same afternoon.  One was a wedding, and the other was a celebration of a 50th wedding anniversary.  Later that evening, after attending both events, I was thinking about those two marriages.  It was like someone had called up marriage on the DVR and then pushed fast forward.  From zero to fifty in one afternoon.

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